Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My male chastity pain part 2

Cindy started inviting what she called real men into our sex play. I would always wear a cock cage which the real men would think was funny. They would ask me how can you let another person lock up your cock and not be able to touch it. I had no real answers for them the cock cage was something I just learned to accept. Inviting men into our relationship was something new for me but I was open- minded about it. S it turns out I enjoyed having anal sex with them much more than Cindy. All the men were much more gentle (most likely because it was their real cocks they were using and not a silicone dildo) and in many ways much more loving. The men would come to have sex with Cindy and they always did but I would warm them up. I learned to give wonderful blow jobs which to me seemed no different than eating pussy. It always turned the person on something I enjoyed doing. Most of these men were never with another man but it seemed to flow once they realized I was straight too. They seemed to be much more aroused when they found out I was being forced to do it.  The pain I originally had from wearing a cock cage went away after a few weeks of wearing it. I found that keeping baby powder on my penis helped and making sure I kept everything nice and clean after going to the bathroom.  Cindy says that male chastity is going to be a permanent  part of my life but with that said between Cindy and her male and female friends fucking my ass every other day and me eating cock and pussy as a regular meal I guess having little use for my tiny penis at least for the time being is something I can live with. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I wear a Cock cage. How do I tell the girl I am dating?

Last year I started wearing a cock cage and it was by choice. I was always horny and busy looking to hook up with men and women. I prefer women but I was so horny male or female would do. I would also masturbate a number of times a day. I am not sure if all this is normal or not but it was sure taking a lot of my time and thought. It was definitely affecting my productivity at work. My job performance was suffering and I had to do something about it. I asked a doctor friend and he laughed it off saying sex was healthy and good for you. I think he was completely wrong let’s face it even drinking too much water can kill you! One night I had hooked up with a very hot girl. We had sex and we talked all night long afterwards. I told her that I felt having so much sex was a problem and see had an interesting recommendation. Her friend was a mistress who kept male slaves, it was actually her job. I told her that was not really my thing and she said it does not need to be your thing my friend might be able to help you with your problem of having too much sex. I was ready to talk to almost anyone. Sure give her my number if you have a chance. She gave that number to Mistress Stacy. Stacy and I are now close friends and the information and help she gave me was awesome. In a nut shell she told me to start wearing a cock cage and invited me over to try some on. Wearing a cock cage will prevent you from having sex and it will end up curtailing your incessant thinking about having sex. I felt it was worth a try and set up a time to meet her.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dildos and a cock cage

Talking about dildos and wearing a cock cage seems to have no connection with one another but the truth is that men who are forced to wear a cock cage with me being one of them are willing to try new things to fulfill our sexual desires. Wearing a male chastity cage keeps you from playing with, masturbating and have sex with anyone other than your master and the fact is most of us who are forced into male chastity rarely have sex without cheating just a little. I have a group of friends who are also male chastity slaves most are straight but some are gay. When we get together without the masters and mistresses the toys come out. They are all different sizes of dildos and our gay friends have shown us how to have orgasms using them for anal sex. I t took a lot of getting used to but the truth is my orgasms having anal sex with other men using toys on me is every bit as intense as me fucking any girl. In some ways it is better because I don’t need to perform, I don’t need to satisfy her, I can just concentrate on having the biggest orgasm. After I cum in the cock cage I need to carefully rinse it out so there is no trace of the fun I have had!.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cock cage and cock ring gear for fun and pleasure

Have you ever tried wearing a cock cage? Have you ever had sex wearing a cock ring? Have you ever used a cock ring to make your bulge look larger? Have you ever toyed with male chastity? If your answer is no to any of these than we need to get you up to Speedo because you are missing out on a ton of fun. Locking your penis up in a metal cock cage makes you want sex all that much more and when the sex comes it is so much more intense. The cock cage keeps you from masturbating  to much which in turn makes the loads you do blow so much more extreme and your orgasms are the best ever. Even if you are older go ahead and keep your penis locked up in a cock cage for a number of days and then see how far your load shoots when you fire it. I guarantee it will be like an eighteen year, you will shoot a load like the ones you did when you were young. Exploding loads that shoot up into your girls or man’s face.  Don’t get me started on how much better your sex will be, how much harder your cock will be and how it will be at it’s very largest if you use the correct size cock ring. Just like ordering a cock cage when ordering a cock ring you need to make sure it is the correct size for your penis. They should be a little difficult to get on but not so tight that they cut off all the flow of blood to your cock. Make sure when trying a cock ring or using a fixed ring cock ring attached to your cock cage that you put the balls through one at a time with a little lube on the shaft and balls. Once the balls are pulled through then you pull the shaft through. If this is done with a male chastity cock cage you will need to quickly pull the shaft into the cage and lock it before you get too excited. If you are using a cock ring for sex just let your cock get hard by gently playing with it. When your cock gets extremely hard while wearing a cock ring it might seem like it will be difficult if not impossible to get the ring off. Don’t panic! Just relax after you are done using it (if having sex make sure to blow your load) and the penis will get smaller and much easier to remove. In a pinch you can always use ice water to get rid of an erection.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wearing a Cock Cage and removing all your pubic hair

My wife ordered me my first cock cage. It was her idea but I was willing to go along with it. She had seen one on an adult movie and was so turned on by it how could I say no. I got home from work and my wife was waiting for me wearing her very sexy lingerie and holding my new cock cage. Take your clothes off she said and not in a playful way but in a demanding way. You never need to ask me that twice and I was out of my clothes in a second. I walked up to her and she lightly took my shaft between her fingers. Humm it’s very small but so is your new cage it should be perfect. She took my hand and walked me over to the bathroom. What are we doing here Cindy? I need to shave you because you can’t wear the cock cage with pubic hair. Shave me I said that is not going to happen. All of a sudden she barked out an order telling me to stand in the shower and keep my mouth shut. I was shocked but somehow Cindy knew I would comply. I got in the shower almost trembling. She started shaving everything off with an electric trimmer. I looked like a teenager with so little hair but that was just the start. She washed me down and soaped me up. I got hard instantly. She shaved all the pubic hair off everywhere and even though I am not very hairy she turned my around and shaved my hole too. I now looked like a completely hairless pre-teen. Perfect she said and smacked my ass so hard with her hand she left a mark. Now take a shower, dry off and come to the bedroom, don’t put on your clothing and she walked away. I was confused, there had seemed to be a giant shift in our relationship. This was the start of my malechastity adventure.

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Male pussy suit

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cock cage fun and pain

Wearing a cock cage can be fun but it can also be painful. You need to make sure the cock cage you get fits you correct. Too big and it will slip off, too small and it will be to tight the second you get a little aroused. I prefer a metal cock cage. My penis like many guys who are into male chastity is on the small side so I have a lot of choices in cock cages. You need to make sure the cock ring portion fits snug but not too tight. It needs to be tight enough so there is no slippage but not so tight that it cuts off the blood supply to the penis. My boyfriend is very skilled in male chastity and has done quite a bit of male chastity training on me. I remember how exciting and at the same time how nervous I was the first time I was fitted with a cage. If you have never experienced it, it would be too hard to explain. It is very intense and it does make you very aware of the fact that you are no longer in control of your sexual desires.  Being controlled by another man was a huge turn-on for me and my boyfriend was big into controlling things. I now wear a cock cage everyday and he is thinking about fitting me for an ass lock.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wearing a cock cage and grooming.

I believe that men being trained for male chastity who are being forced to wear a cock cage should also be completely shaved. Part of it is the idea of control even over something so simple as the right to have pubic hair and the other is just for ease of use for men who are new to wearing a cock cage. It is much easier to use if you are hairless. It is easier to keep clean and many key holders require their men to be completely shaved. I have been using a male chastity cock cage for years and when I started I was forced to have all my pubic hair waxed. My master took me to a waxing salon, I was the only guy there and the girl that removed my hair assured me it would hurt but the next time it would hurt less. This was true. She removed all the hair in my bikini area including the hair on my balls and shaft, the hair between my legs and all the hair on my butt (there was not much) and all hair in the anal area. That is called a full Brazilian bikini wax and once you have one you will have a new found respect for all the women out there getting waxed to make their men happy. My master loved watching me have it done. It was painful and my first time I cried a little. The gal that waxed me and still does to this day was friends with my master so she let him take pictures of me having my first wax and he shared it with his friends. Right after my wax job he fitted a new stainless steel cock cage on me. The metal against my freshly waxed skin felt wonderful though it might have been just getting that first wax over with that felt so good. I have been waxed more times than I can count and the truth is it no longer bothers me at all. It is no big deal in fact often I get an erection while she is doing it often she takes care of that for me too. She feels sorry for me that I wear a cage all the time that is all the time unless I am going in for a Brazilian bikini wax. Many of my friends shave and it is very effective too but you have to shave all the time with waxing it is every month or so. If between waxes we are going to a party where I am to be displayed nude I will give it a quick shave.