Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cock Cage and a very small penis

My wife wanted to get me a cock cage but was having trouble finding one small enough for me. My penis is less than one inch flaccid and it was difficult to find a cock cage that would stay on. When we were in San Francisco she found a number of stores that sell male chastity devices and she took me to be fitted. It was embarrassing having to strip down while both sales girls and guys brought different cages to try on. One girl said it was the smallest penis she had ever seen on a man and my wife and her both laughed at me. At one store there was a real nice guy who took one look at me and said all our cock cage designs will slip off him than he said I have idea. He walked away and came back with a tape measure. He measured me flaccid and asked to take a measurement hard.  My wife looked at me and said get yourself hard, there was no way she would do it in front of him. I tried for a little while but it was not happening. There was just too much pressure. The salesmen asked my wife if he could help and she said sure give it a shot in her sarcastic way. He told me to relax and got down on his knees and started sucking my cock. My wife had a big smile on her face, I was in shock this was the first time a man was touching my cock let alone sucking it. Amazingly enough it felt so good I was hard in a minute. He measured me just over four inches and got back on his knees and finished off the job. He let me cum in his mouth something my wife never did and he gobbled it all up. I was drained and dazed. That was the best blow job of my life. My wife said I hope you enjoyed that because once we find a cock cage for you there will be no more sex! The salesman suggested a Manless Ultra Sissy from The Male chastity store. It was designed for guys like me. On the way out the salesman whispered to me while my wife was looking out other toys, make sure to stop by I have keys for all the cages and I will suck your cock as often as you want. I asked his name which was Mark. He has been a close friend for a number of years now.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cock Cage Fun

Most men have no idea how much fun it is to wear a cock cage in fact it can be totally arousing. Many cock cage designs are used for male chastity and not having sex but the same designs with the right attitude can make sexual denial a huge turn on. Many men start to get hard the minute they are fitted into a cock cage. All of a sudden everything is about your penis. The person fitting you for a cock cage, your wife, husband, girlfriend, and boyfriend even the people you talk to at the online stores will be very interested in your cock. There are cages for the smallest cocks as well as the largest ones though it seems more often than not that men with smaller cocks are forced or pushed into wearing male chastity cages.  My wife originally bought me a cage after reading one of those lame 50 shades of whatever books. The first time she tried fitting me in ended almost immediately with my cock in her mouth and followed by it deeply inside her ass until I blew my load. The second time was the same. She figured it out one day that she should use a dildo on me to milk my prostate and clean me first then put the cock cage on. That worked great but after all that work she could see my cock trying to get hard in the cage and removed it to let me fuck her again. It was wonderful that she was trying to get me to wear a male chastity device and ending up giving me more sex than ever. She loved the way the cage looked on and in the end I enjoyed wearing it because I always knew I would get more sex. My wife would tell her girlfriends about it and when they were over she would make me show them. This led to some very interesting experiences too.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cock Cage fun and pleasure

Most men and women equate wearing a cock cage with male chastity. That is a fair assumption because most male chastity training and most male chastity lifestyles make use of the cock cage as one of the main sexual controls over a man. That said there are many men and women who are into seeing men wear a cock cage as a sexual turn on. In fact is role playing for many gay and straight men involve using the toys and gear. These male chastity devices have been around for hundreds of years and there are more men then you might imagine wearing them. There has been an explosion of men and women trying new things since the 50 Shades of Grey books were introduced. Experimentation is one of the most interesting ways to spice and your sex life, to add eroticism and to add a bit of the unknown.  The changes have been very interesting indeed! Over the last decade anal sex has become much more popular and for most of that decade it was women becoming more adventurous about trying it and finding how much they enjoy it. There has also been a major up-swing in men trying anal sex. Anal sex for men was considered a form of gay or bi-sexual sex up until a few years ago when more adventurous straight men became eager to try it. Most of the time they are having it with women wearing strap-on dildos another adult toy that has rapidly become a best seller for many companies. These are exciting days when consensual sex between adults of all sexes is explored and enjoyed.  The reason I bring up anal sex and men here with an emphasis on straight males is the use of the cock cage and many of these same men trying anal sex. Wearing a male chastity cage from a sexual stand point can change the wearing into a submissive male and performing anal sex on him would seem to be a perfect pairing. As it turns out this is completely true.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cock cage questions what size do I need?

One of the questions I get most from men and women who are ordering their first cock cage is what size do they need? I get this question most from men who tell me they have a small penis. Many men who are shopping for their first cock cage are worried that their penis is too small to keep a cock cage on. The truth is many cages for male chastity are too large for some men. You need to choose the correct size cage for you male chastity needs and this is most important when you are just starting male chastity training.  Penis size is important when it comes to sizing. Since the cage is supposed to prevent you from getting an erection it needs to be able to stay on when you are completely flaccid and at your smallest. There are many men out there who when flaccid are very small in size and thickness. Men who are very small need to choose a cock cage mad specifically for a small penis. If you look at or the they carry designs that are made for your small penis.(while talking to a salesperson at each company I found that almost 50% of the men or the women ordering for men are ordering these extra small sized cages. They do carry cages for all size cocks.) The most popular ones are the Man Clit, The Manless Ultra Sissy, Little Bitch and Tortured  Soul. These are designs that are have been designed around the small sized penis, that said the salespeople I talked to said that many men who are larger order the small sized cages because they want the constricted feel. Some cages come with multiple size cock rings while others, mostly the metal ones need to be ordered with your choice of cock ring size. It is important that the cock ring fits snuggly so it does not come off until your are allowed to take it off but not to tight that it is difficult to wear for extended periods of time. If you are not familiar with your cock ring size measure the diameter of the base of your penis, behind the shaft and balls to get an idea of your cock ring size.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cock cage and male chastity


The cock cage is the most important tool in male chastity training but it is by no means the only tool. There are many cock cage styles. Different cock cage designs work differently on individual men, penis size has a lot to do with it. Most male chastity cages are made for men with small to medium sized penises, there are some designs made specifically for men with tiny to small penis sizes of which there seems to be many men in male chastity that fit in that size range. On the other end of the spectrum there are some designs to fit larger men but the fact is there are many less men who either willingly or are forced into male chastity that have larger penises.  We talked to Michael D at makers of fetish spandex and one of the largest suppliers of male chastity cock cage designs, anal gear, cock rings and metal toys for men.  Michael tells us that the micro cages for small cocks are by far there most popular designs. The guys love the male chastity devices that keep them packaged up nice and tight! Michael also told us about the newer devices that have built in anal locks. They lock up your cock and your ass so nothings gets out or gets in!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cock Pouch for fun and excitement


If you are looking for the most interesting way to dress for a pool party then finding yourself a cock pouch is definitely the way to go. There are a lot of different varieties of pouches out there for you to choose from but they are all going to give you the attention you deserve. A sexy guy walking around at a pool party in something like this is definitely going to get noticed by everyone, even if every guy is wear a pouch design. You are almost guaranteed an evening of unmitigated enjoyment by wearing them that’s for sure.

I love taking my cock pouch to parties and showing it off to everyone. You do have to have an exhibitionist type attitude to get feel comfortable with it most of the time, but that is all part of the fun of wearing something like this. You don’t have to worry about what anyone is going to say at a pool party like this either since they will probably be wearing something pretty similar. You just have to be willing to have some fun and enjoy the moment as if it was never going to happen to you again. At least that is how I look at it.

You would never know that wearing a cock pouch design could be the most freeing experience in your life until you actually do it. All of your inhibitions get throw right out the window and you feel that you could take the entire world on if you needed to. It’s truly amazing how nothing bothers you as much as it did before wearing a swimsuit like this. If you have never tried one on then do yourself a favor and buy on. You don’t have to wear it out in public to enjoy it but it is highly recommended that you do.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wearing a cock cage by choice.

Wearing a cock cage by choice.


You might not believe how many men wear a cock cage by choice. We have all heard of the men who are forced into male chastity and have no choice and must wear a cock cage but there are many more that choose to wear one. Some are pushed into making the choice by their girlfriend, wives, boyfriends or husbands. I list all these because using male chastity devices are popular in the straight, bisexual and gay communities. Other men are so highly sexed and horny all the time that they choose to give up control of their sexual freedom to a key holder and still many others are just into the way it feels to wear a male chastity cock cage.

Just wearing one is a huge turn on and it gets many of us wet. The minute I slip my tiny penis into a male chastity cage it gets wet. It is uncontrollable but it is restrained from getting too hard. I have a large collection of cages. I love the way the metal cages look and I enjoy being able to wear the silicon cages all day long. I can even wear that style while I work out. It makes me have a sizable bulge. My girlfriend wanted me to wear one and ordered my first one as a gift. She said it turned her on to have control over my sexual pleasure but my guess was she was worried about me cheating something most women worry about and for good reason. I wanted to please her but the truth is I loved the way they looked and felt. Agreeing to a male chastity lifestyle led us to all sorts of fun. It turned out she was a natural dominatrix and not long after we got into it she was working on me to let her use strap-on dildos and give me anal. She was into anal herself and would let me do her in the ass with not only my cock but with all sorts of toys so it seemed only fair to let her do the same. She would always make sure I had on a cage when she was doing anal to me. Often she would treat me like a girl telling me things like she wanted to bring another guy into our life so she could watch him do me. I was shocked.  More next post!